Saturday Morning

Making sure to write this now so that way I don’t fall off for another 3 months. It has been a stressful long couple days. I have been sick, still am actually. The other day I baby sat a kid who is the same age as mine while sick and it was horrible because of…

Good Morning!

I have been up for about an hour now thanks to my kiddo. It’s time to do something even though my brain isn’t really awake yet. I have my first article I have to write that’s due by midnight. I also need to get started on the blanket that needs to be crocheted over the…

Welcome Again

I swear I must have ADHD. I’m actually working on getting diagnosed with it currently. So I wrote the welcome about this time 3 months ago and then it just sat without me even publishing the website. Today I will be publishing it so that way I will get myself to actually write on it…

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