Saturday Morning

Making sure to write this now so that way I don’t fall off for another 3 months. It has been a stressful long couple days. I have been sick, still am actually. The other day I baby sat a kid who is the same age as mine while sick and it was horrible because of how I was feeling. Then I waited until my kid went to bed to try to write an 800 word article that was due by midnight. Turned it in at 1130 pm over 100 words short because it was just a really hard topic to come up with anything on. It was a list article too that did not have many options to even put in the list it was that bad of a topic. Then I got about 3 hours of sleep, woke up about 3 am wide awake so I ended up cleaning, went back to bed about 5 am just to be woken up by my kid at 7 am since he has no idea how to sleep in. Upside to cleaning in the middle of the night is I had nothing to worry about during the day. I was able to relax and take care of my kiddo. I did start crocheting that blanket the other day. I currently have the foundation chain, and two rows done. The pattern calls for 100 rows before doing the border but I’m not sure exactly how many mine will have since I have more colors than the pattern. I am so thankful for how easy this pattern is and how quickly I can get through a row. I should be able to get through it pretty quickly. My goal is to really work on it a lot today and tomorrow especially since tonight my fiance gets off work early because they close early on Saturdays. Then tomorrow they are closed so he has the day off. Plenty of time to focus on the blanket. I am dying in this heat though. I NEED to make this strawberry oatmeal bar dish but I can’t bring myself to deal with the effort of cutting up the strawberries. Then there’s the fact of having to use the oven to heat up this house when it’s 100 degrees and we only have a window air conditioning unit thanks to my brother. I already had one container of strawberries go bad, I need to do this with the two I have left before they go bad as well. I need to have such a hard time waking up in the morning. 7 am tomorrow will be cool so if I get up and immediately start working on it then it should be fine. Maybe I’ll work on cutting them up today and then I can assemble and bake first thing in the morning. That feels more manageable even though I dread the thought of cutting them up. Ok so today I have already given my son a haircut and then a bath. My plan for today is just to make sure we are fed and that I work on the blanket. Also during the day I’ll probably give reading a book I’m in the middle of a shot. I really should wash a few dishes that are in the sink too by the time I make dinner so I’ll have a big enough container to put them away in. Omg how is it that you can both be getting better from being sick yet be getting worse all at the same time. This is miserable. I am so nervous for my job interview I have on Tuesday. It’s an hour long over zoom which I have never done a zoom job interview before. Luckily my best friend said he’ll watch my son for it and not here so it won’t be loud in the background or him trying to bust in my room to get to me. I really hope I get this. It’s not that great of a job but it’s got amazing pay which is what I need so I can get these savings built up to get a house in what I hope will only be a few months. I am dying over these houses I have favorited that are for sale right now that come Monday or Tuesday I’m sure will be sold. Oh I am dreading working full time while going to college. I’m not even sure how I am going to achieve it unless I work from 3 pm to 11 pm but in order to do that five days a week I will have to stop babysitting. Then the two nights of not working I’ll have my classes Tuesday and Thursday nights 6 pm to like a quarter after 9 pm. Which I will have to deal with my kid being around making noise during the first hour until my fiance gets home and I can hide in my room for the rest of it because it’s one of the classes where it’s a zoom call. My other class is just the typical fully online class. So this will be interesting to balance. Especially since during the days I have to actually do things with my son like play outside or go on playdates so I have to factor that in. I can’t only have time to work on class and or homework. I really just need to start school and work already so I can stop having the anxiety of trying to plan it all out when there aren’t enough details to do so. Also I need to work on my sons potty training and teaching him reading and writing and just as much as I can over the summer before he goes back to school in the fall. He’s very behind in almost everything. Unfortunately I can’t control his growth so I worry about next school year being a full year in person. I don’t want him being picked on for his size like how kids already comment on it like the boy I baby sit. They also have a hard time understanding him talking because he’s very delayed on that. He is improving a lot but still nowhere near where he should be for his age. I’m actually really sad about summer vacation since he won’t have his speech therapy anymore that school was giving him. I just can’t wait for next school year because it will be a full and proper year of school. His learning is just going to explode like it was supposed to this half a year that he had but half of that was virtual which he did terribly with even though he always looked forward to it he still hated it while it was going on each day. He never wanted to participate. Plus he needs the socialization desperately. Well now that I rambled on way more than I actually planned to, I’m going to stop. Thank you if you actually read this whole thing. Write again soon.

❤ Liz

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