Good Morning!

I have been up for about an hour now thanks to my kiddo. It’s time to do something even though my brain isn’t really awake yet. I have my first article I have to write that’s due by midnight. I also need to get started on the blanket that needs to be crocheted over the next month. I know a lot of these blogs aren’t going to be that interesting right now because I am using it as kind of a diary at the moment just to get me into the habit of writing every day and it’ll help me not lay around on the couch for hours “waking up” and watching Netflix. There is a lot of things I want to work on to improve myself aside from just the waking up laying around on the couch thing. I want to work on gaining patience, loving myself, meditation, exercise, being a better mom, improving my relationship with my fiance, eating better, and just so much more. Writing in the morning like this can help me actually get my day started, along with planning it all out to help with my anxiety. Currently I am sick so I won’t be doing all that much. My main focus today is getting that blanket started, and writing the article that’s due by midnight. Also I’m in the middle of getting a job so I will keep working on scheduling an interview. It’s this weird process where they have invited me to schedule for the next step in the process which would be an interview. Problem is half the time when I do that there isn’t a time slot available. Right now it tells me I can schedule but when I click on it to do so where it tells me to select month there isn’t anything to click on which is the weirdest thing yet. I just keep checking this 10,000 times a day. Night before last it was 10 pm when the first appointment showed up, but it was for 10 am yesterday when I not only had my son but was baby sitting another little boy the same age. There was no way I could do a phone interview that I had no idea how long it would last with that chaos going on in the background. Which leaves me with this where it tells me I can make an appointment but I have nothing to click on to make one. Oh well, it’s only been like two days and I went from applying to being invited to schedule all within a day so this is good. Honestly I’m kind of glad that this blog is so new that either no one or basically no one is reading this while I write it. I don’t feel like there is an audience waiting. I can be more comfortable and free about it while I’m getting started and using this just to get in the habit of writing more often instead of worrying about practicing writing styles and actually being good enough and all of that. Alright well I think that is about all for the start of this day. I’m about to smoke a cigarette(which I need to quit so badly and is another thing on the list I’m hoping this blog will help me with.)

Write again soon!

Much love to all ❤ Liz

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I want to write a book or book series one day

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