I’m so happy to have you along on this journey with me. My name is Elizabeth but I prefer Liz or Bit. Bit is started as my family’s nickname for me as a kid and then my friends started calling me it as well. Which is where Bits of Home and Bits of Everything come from. I have so many things I want to learn and do in life and I’m starting now. I make and sell wax melts, I’m starting to crochet so I will have projects for sale soon with that, among many other crafts that I will be adding on. I want to write a book, or better yet a book series. This site is both to help me practice my writing while getting it out for people to see, and to help me gain customers for my Bits of Home shop. It’s not just the shop that will be bits of everything, I will also be writing in different styles and on all kinds of topics. It’s currently March. I am hoping to both be crafting and writing very often for the next 5 months until I start college. I’m just starting to look for a house right now, once we are finally able to move into it I’ll be looking for a full time job. Which means come August I’ll be working full time and in college full time. I’m also a mom. Which all adds up to more time than there is in a day. I’m hoping that I’ll even have people reading and purchasing from me at that point and if so I won’t be quitting just because of school and work, it just might require a little more time to complete the orders or publish a blog post. I’m really excited about all of this and hope that you are not just interested but excited like me to follow along on the journey. It might not seem like much now, but it’s only the beginning. Don’t worry, have patience. It’s all coming shortly. I would love feedback, comments, emails. Please spread the word.

❤ Liz

Published by ebartrum

I want to write a book or book series one day

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